This course is specifically designed and offered by City Metropolitan to students who intend to travel to or work in English speaking nations.
Certificate in General English are categorized into 6 different levels which will help the students to acquire a good foundation in this international language.
The Certificate in General English course will equips students with a good foundation in the English language will enable them to build and enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking ability in English.
After completion, students will be able to produce reasonable explanations and arguments on abstract thoughts and topics.


This course is offered to students who wish to develop a good basic foundation in English. At the end of the course, students will be able to conjugate and use many regular and irregular verbs, hold basic conversation and construct simple five-sentence paragraphs.

Course Structure

The primary aim of the General English course, as offered by City Metropolitan is to provide students with effective instruction, knowledge and understanding of the various skills in the English language.
General English is available to all students at six levels – levels 1 to 6. This course is structured and developed in such a way so that students are provided with ample opportunities to master a variety of English language skills so as to become proficient in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Course Synopsis

Functional Use English curriculum is designed to enhance the learner’s English language skills through situational learning.

Grammar student will be able to develop and demonstrate a clear understanding of grammar conventions; develop an awareness of why you tend to make frequent errors in particular areas of grammar and work on rectifying the issues or words to that effect; and provide meaningful explanations of grammatical conventions for correcting grammatical inaccuracies in various texts.

Vocabulary A variety of functional and high frequency language will be learnt to help and support students with everyday conversations and situations. Students will also be introduced to deliberate vocabulary learning strategies.

Teacher Qualifications

All teachers are notified to Committee for Private Education (CPE). All teachers have the required qualifications. Please refer to Our Teachers list in the website for more details.
Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:20
Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity.

Entry Requirements

Age: At least 14 years old.
Academic: Pass the qualifying exam set by City Metropolitan College
Language Proficiency: Basic oral and written skills in English.